111 Minna Gallery

Location: 111 Minna Street


Established in 1993 in downtown San Francisco, 111 Minna Gallery is in the business of Art and Leisure. The gallery showcases a unique blend of local and international artists, world class DJ’s, live performance, and film screenings in an elegantly urban and ever-changing 4,000 square foot space. The gallery is open to the public and nightly on a rotating schedule for special events.

PEN PAL | A solo exhibition by Tokyo’s Lennie Mace in the Zappa Room Gallery

New artwork created in Japan will be supplemented in this PEN PAL exhibition by other recent artwork not yet exhibited in America, some thirty-odd works in all. Elegantly rendered PENtings on paper and wood will be available for viewing and purchase; fully-realized, painterly environments and portraiture drawn in ballpoint pen.
Dr. Flotsam & The Carny Bastards | A solo exhibition by Mike Shine in the 2nd St Gallery
Mike Shine is a Bay Area artist who creates paintings, installations and performances that involve the viewer as participant. His influences have been described as “Nordic mythology, Teutonic philosophy, Kubrick, PT Barnum, Absinthe, and his wife.” At the center of his installations stands Pyotr Flotsam, the dark, enigmatic, Mephistophelean ringleader, who seems to be collecting souls in exchange for fulfilling dreams. His show at 111 Minna will explore the characters that surround Flotsam in his travels; The Carny Bastards. Spanning centuries and geographies, the ragtag collection of souls are a mix of gods and mortals, beauty and beasts.


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