871 Fine Arts

871 Fine Arts is an art gallery and bookstore in San Francisco. Specializing in books on contemporary art, 871 stocks both new and out-of-print books. They have been in business in San Francisco since 1986, and moved a ten minute walk away from their 49 Geary St location in 2008 to their current location down the street from SFMOMA. In addition to a wide selection of art titles they sell prints, paintings, drawings and sculpture in addition to books.

“Action I: The 1955 Merry-Go-Round Show Revisited”
“Action Painting of the West Coast” was a presentation of art and music sponsored by The Concert Hall Workshop and organized by legendary curator Walter Hopps and his friends Jim Newman, Craig Kauffman, and Ben Bartosh.   It was the first exhibition of abstract expressionism (action painting) on the West Coast. Also known as “The Merry-Go-Round Show”, it was staged in the Merry Go Round Building on the Santa Monica Pier from May 18-27, 1955.  This exhibition revisits the original by presenting  art works by  most of the participants.


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