Crown Point Press

Crown Point Press was founded in 1962 by Kathan Brown in order to use traditional printmaking techniques for new art ideas. Crown Point works with artists by invitation who travel from Europe, Japan and various parts of the United States to work with etching in the San Francisco studios. When artists work in Crown Point’s studios they are assisted by master printers and the work results in original prints (sometimes called multiple originals) which are hand-printed in limited editions, and each print is signed and numbered by the artist. Crown Point Press exhibits and sells the prints it produces in curated shows in the gallery which adjoins its studios and bookstore at 20 Hawthorne Street in San Francisco.

The New Century
At Crown Point Press we continue to celebrate our 50-year anniversary with The New Century, a group show highlighting artists who first completed prints in the Crown Point studio between the years 2000-2012. The exhibition includes prints by Tomma Abts, Darren Almond, Mamma Andersson, Anne Appleby, John Chiara, Peter Doig, Pia Fries, Julie Mehretu, Susan Middleton, Doroth

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y Napangardi, Jockum Nordström, Chris Ofili, Laura Owens, Laurie Reid, Wilson Shieh, Shahzia Sikander, Amy Sillman
and Fred Wilson.

The works in the exhibition by Shahzia Sikander are new releases. Sikander first worked in the Crown Point studio in 2002, and in 2012 she has completed two luminous, multi-layered etchings.  Sikander was born in Pakistan and studied Indian and Persian miniature painting at the National College of Arts in Lahore before completing her MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1995.



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