Gallery Wendi Norris

Gallery Wendi Norris presents a compelling contemporary and modern program with a strong emphasis on the global market. Since 2003, we have worked with over one hundred of the top museums around the world, placing works in their collections and collaborating on solo and group exhibitions. Though, by design, the range of works we show is diverse, a common thread runs through them all: a focus on the human ability to create psychological and spiritual meaning through form and content.  Both the artworks and the artists themselves are emblematic of this aesthetic ambition and our trans-cultural nature.  Through our expertise in the modern art world, with an unparalleled network in Surrealism, and through our considered selection of some of today’s most dynamic artists, we support a range of private clients, museums, and not-for-profit art organizations.

Dana Harel – Wrestling God
Gallery Wendi Norris is thrilled to host Israeli born, Bay Area artist Dana Harel’s second solo exhibition, Wrestling God.  Wrestling God, inspired by the supernatural, biblical tale of Jacob wrestling with an Angel, considers humanity’s existential struggles in a series of large scale graphite drawings, an experimental video and a sound performance. Trained as an architect, Harel values quality draftsmanship and works almost exclusively in graphite, an earthy, raw material. Her recent work has appeared at The Palo Alto Art Center, Napa Museum of Art, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art in Israel, and The Montalvo Arts Center. Wrestling God is her second exhibition with Frey Norris.

Howie Tsui – “Radiant Specters”
Howie Tsui resurrects the demons, ghosts, and nightmares of the past, but filters everything he finds through a lens of child-like amusement, in “Radiant Specters”. Combining imagery from Buddhist Hell scrolls, ancient cosmology, traditional Chinese landscape painting, Edo-period Japanese woodblock erotica, and contemporary anime, his ink wash drawings teem with macabre and grotesque characters.

Stellar Orbits: Lovers and Intellectuals Among Surrealists and Their Peers
Stellar Orbits: Lovers and Intellectuals Among Surrealists and Their Peers adopts the perspective of artists in relation to one another, looking specifically at the creative attractions and frictions that generated so much potent art from the birth of Surrealism in 1924 through to the fading of its distinctive embers in the 1960’s and beyond. The exhibition highlights these relationships in the layout of the works of art and ephemera themselves, throughout Gallery Wendi Norris’ main galleries, pairing for instance works new to the gallery by Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning and by Gordon Onslow Ford and Wolfgang Paalen.


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