Gallery Wendi Norris

Gallery Wendi Norris presents solo exhibitions by Kelly Barrie and Julio Cesar Morales.

Kelly Barrie: New Works | May 2 – June 29, 2013

Kelly Barrie’s work, a material hybrid of drawing and photography, recreates forgotten historical sites by literally walking them out of his head through a performative floor drawing. Using his feet and old darkroom utensils, Barrie moves white photo-luminescent pigment powder across black seamless paper. The light sensitive powder drawing is then documented in small sections using a 35mm camera, digitally collaged back together and outputted to scale as a photographic print. Barrie’s solo exhibition at Gallery Wendi Norris will include three new works which will recreate an archetypal free play apparatus from the last remaining adventure playground in the US which is located in Berkeley, CA.

Work by Kelly Barrie

Work by Kelly Barrie

Julio Cesar Morales: Forever Now! | May 2 – June 29, 2013

For Forever Now!, Julio César Morales will examine ideas of boundaries, barriers and limits through the media of installation, video, photography and light sculptures. His investigation embarks with a story based on an actual event in the early 1990’s about two brothers crossing the Sonora Desert from Mexico into Arizona. After crossing the border they get lost and run out of water and are left only with two bottles of Tequila meant as a gift to relatives waiting on the other side. The brothers later decide to split up and find help, one of them makes it to a Circle K convenience store while the other is later found dead face down with an empty bottle of tequila. Addressing issues of migration, informal economy, and labor on both personal and global scales, Morales will create a video reenactment that will tell the story through the eyes of the surviving brother, with video footage shot in the actual location of this tragic event. Other works in a variety of media will support and expand on the themes and ideas he unpacks.

Work by Julio Cesar Morales

Work by Julio Cesar Morales


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